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Dig Deep – A Gala Fundraiser

Dig Deep
Hosted by Ace Burpee of Virgin Radio 103.1FM


Special Guest Speaker – Dr. Kevin Campbell on "Will an extinct species save your life one day?"


Movies with Mosasaurs presents: Godzilla (2014)

Godzilla (2014)


May 21st, 2016 @ 2:00pm. Join us for a viewing of "Godzilla (2014)"! Only $2.00 or free with admission!

See you at the movies!

Cultural Access Pass    A New Way        to Visit   




The Institute for Canadian Citizenship and the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre have partnered to give new citizens a chance to visit the museum free of charge for up to a year.

The CFDC becomes the latest Canadian attraction (one of only 10 in Manitoba outside of the city of Winnipeg) to join the institute's Cultural Access Pass program which provides new citizens with up to a year of free access to facilities that showcase Canadian treasures from the date they become a Canadian citizen.

Swimming with Bruce

Swimming With Bruce in 3D

The Canadian landscape is host to a vast array of great fossils, from dinosaurs in the west to marine reptiles in the prairies.

This fossil museum in Morden, Manitoba offers a great presentation of prehistoric life in the Western Interior Seaway. Come to the museum and meet our T Rex of the Sea, "Bruce". At 43 feet in length, our Bruce is the world's largest Mosasaur on display. Our fossils are marine reptiles, but many think of them as the "underwater dinosaurs" of Manitoba.

We offer the following programs to our visitors: Fossil Dig Adventure Tours, Guided Museum Tours, Summer Day Camps for kids, School Museum Tours, School Dig Tours & an Indoor Fossil Program.

We collect fossils from these ancient animals:

  • Mosasaurs - Hainosaurus, Tylosaurus, Clidastes, Platecarpus, Plioplatecarpus
  • Plesiosaurs - Elasmosaurids, Polycotylids
  • Sharks - Sqaulicorex
  • Fish - Xiphactinus, Pachyrhizodus, Ichthyodectes, Enchodus, Elopopsis, Cimolichthyes
  • Turtles - Archelon, Protostega, Toxochelys
  • Birds - Hesperornis, Ichthyomis, Baptornis, Parahesperornis
  • Squid

We hope that as you scan through these Web pages, your imagination will take you back 80 Million years - further than the mind can fully comprehend. What you will discover are skeletal drawings and artists renditions of large marine reptiles which existed in this area of Canada during the Cretaceous Period. Go ahead! Start your excursion! We hope it will arouse your curiosity sufficiently to bring you to our Museum to see the largest collection of Marine Reptile Fossils in Canada.


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