Annual General Meeting

CFDC Annual Report - April 19 2018

(AGM Agenda is included in the Annual Report)



The Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre is a charitable organization governed by a Volunteer Board of Directors consisting of:

  • Shawn Bugden - Director
  • Kevin Campbell - Chairman
  • Joel Enns - Treasurer
  • Michelle Charriere - Director
  • Gloria Sawatzky - Director
  • Art Petkau - Director
  • Vassan Aruljothi - Director
  • Chris Leach - Vice President
  • Derek Wiebe - Secretary

"Dedicated to excellence in fossil preservation, research and learning experiences."

Statement of Purpose

CFDC Vision: “To be recognized as a leading centre for fossil discovery experiences.”

CFDC Mission: “To stimulate curious minds by passionately sharing and promoting Manitoba, Canada and the World’s fossil heritage through discovery, preservation, research and education.”

Our Strategic Objectives in order are:

  • To create amazing visitor experiences
  • To create a world-leading centre of discovery and education through the exploration of Manitoba and Canada’s fossil heritage
  • To create enhanced opportunities to share and promote the CFDC
  • To create financial resilience
  • To ensure staff, leadership and volunteers are skilled and responsive