Half Day Dig Tour

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Family Fossil Dig


Take an adventure back to Cretaceous times when dinosaurs walked the earth and great sea reptiles ruled the oceans. Become a palaeontologist as you join the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre’s excavation team in the scenic Pembina Hills. Work alongside CFDC staff as they uncover 80 million-year-old fossils. Learn about the tools and techniques used to carefully unearth these rare fossils that offer a glimpse into a forgotten age and the fantastic sea creatures that lived here.

Imagine being the first in 80 million years to lay eyes on a fossil you have just uncovered. Help map in and record your find to add to the Centre’s collection. Get down and dirty while applying a plaster field jacket to protect newly exposed fossils.


Family Fossil Dig

The Centre’s dig site is located on the slopes of the Manitoba Escarpment, northwest of the Town of Morden. A scenic 20 minute drive through vast fields and the rolling Pembina Hills allows for time to discuss the unique geology of the area. Witness a stunning view of the Red River Valley stretching to the horizon where one can almost visualize Glacial Lake Agassiz. A short hike down the slope brings us to the excavation. The site is situated on an abandoned bentonite quarry that has been out of use since the 1980’s. In 1998, Centre staff located a promising site at this location and 1999 saw the birth of Palaeo Tours. Palaeo Tours 1999 participants helped expose approximately 68 new mosasaur and fish fossils. This summer promises more discoveries. Come and discover what you can unearth.


May to October – 7 days a week
Morning tour:    8:30 am – 12:30 pm
Afternoon tour: 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm


Meet at the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre, lower level of the Morden Recreation Center.


Minimum age of 10
Note: Fossil collection requires a degree of patience and care so parents may be expected to assist younger participants.

  • Child – $50.00 per person
  • Adult – $60.00 per person
  • “Group of Seven” Special – $399.00 for 7 people


  • Please book tours at least 1 week in advance
  • To book contact the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre

We will be digging in the summer heat so we suggest a good pair of hiking/walking shoes, sunscreen, a hat, insect repellant, and a full water bottle. Tools will be supplied.


Family Fossil Dig

Meet at the Centre for an orientation session that includes a Centre tour, a brief look behind the scenes and an informative slide show. Participants are required to sign a personal injury waiver form before leaving.

20 minute interpretive drive to the dig site in the CFDC Palaeo Van.

15 minute interpretive hike down the slope of the famous Manitoba Escarpment.

Dig for 80 million year old fossils at the CFDC dig site.

Drive back to the museum to have another look at the creatures you have just helped excavate!

Note: All tours are catered to individual groups and subject to change.


An Indoor Program is in place to offer a suitable program alternative if rain disrupts our opportunity to offer the Fossil Dig Adventure Tours.

The program begins with a Guided V.I.P. Tour of the museum. The program also includes an introduction to fossil collecting techniques, identification and the significance of fossils.

Participants will spend the duration of the program with a museum guide participating in the activities that palaeontologists do during the winter months (or rainy summer days).

A rain day discount will be offered when this program is pursued as an alternative to booked Fossil Dig Adventure Tours. Keep your booking and enjoy this indoor alternative!

Note: Circumstances beyond our control may be cause for cancellation of the Palaeo Tour.  Please call ahead if you are unsure about current conditions.  We’ll try to re-book your tour at a later time.


Contact the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre
(204) 822-3406 or
Email us at info@discoverfossils.com