The Betsy Nicholls Award

The Dr. Elizabeth (Betsy) Nicholls Award
for Outstanding Contributions to Palaeontology

On May 6 at the CFDC’s 2nd Annual Dig Deep Gala fundraiser the Dr. Elizabeth (Betsy) Nicholls Award for Outstanding Contributions to Palaeontology was announced.

In the presence of the late Dr. Nicholl’s family, CFDC board president Dr. Kevin Campbell unveiled the new award as a way of recognizing Dr. Nicholl’s significant contributions to the field of palaeontology and to the CFDC. The first award will be given to a yet to be announced recipient at our 3rd gala in 2018.

For more information about the award and our selection criteria please see the Terms of Reference below:

Terms of Reference – Elizabeth (Betsy) L. Nicholls Award

Below please find the link to Dr. Anthony Russell’s excellent presentation about Dr. Nicholl’s from our 2017 gala: