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About half a century ago, two high school teachers from Morden heard rumours of fantastic fossils being found in the Pembina Valley to the west. Together Henry Isaak and Don Bell investigated. What they found inflamed a lifelong passion for fossils and palaeontology that led to the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre.

Passion and perseverance are hallmarks of what it has taken to transform an overstuffed garage into a centre that stewards Canada’s largest collection of marine reptile fossils. In the years since Isaak and Bell started collecting, the CFDC has welcomed visitors from all over the world. They come to see Bruce – the Guinness Record holder as the largest Mosasaur displayed anywhere on Earth. They come to participate in a real-life fossil dig, transforming themselves into palaeontologists for an unforgettable experience. They come to immerse themselves in the past, to gain a perspective that goes back more than 80 million years.

Since it incorporated in 1972, the CFDC has welcomed countless students from schools throughout North America. They come to journey through time and learn about our past in order to inform their future.

The Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre – founded by teachers; teaching the world.

If you like adventure and hands on learning, then consider School Fossil Dig Adventure Tour or a School Museum Tour. Our dig tour program is quickly becoming one of Manitoba’s hottest off-site educational products!

Looking for a fun and educational field trip for your class?

The CFDC has many options for all age groups.  All school programs correspond to the Manitoba School Science Curriculum and are grade specific.
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