Vancouver, British Columbia

Julius Csotonyi is a Canadian scientific illustrator and paleoartist born in Hungary and currently living in Vancouver, BC with his wife and scientific/artistic collaborator, Alexandra Lefort, and their two dogs.

After acquiring academic degrees in ecology (MSc) and microbiology (PhD), he has prepared murals depicting prehistoric life for over 30 museums worldwide. The latest of these projects was the creation of 59 murals and panels for the Deep Time exhibit at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC. He has also designed coins for the Royal Canadian Mint, stamps for Canada Post and the USPS, and numerous press release images for scientific researchers. An increasing impetus in his artwork reflects his intense passion for biological conservation.

The current piece, “von Mises Strain”, is a speculative depiction of bite force loading stresses on skull bones of Clidastes, roughly extrapolated from scientific studies of living varanid lizards.


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