MosasART Project

The Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre presents the new and incredible project – MosasART; created to bring Palaeontology and Art together. Created to demonstrate how science can be amazing, bright, interesting, and unusual; and that art inspired by science can be created in any way, speak on any material, on any form, on any platform, and in any shape! Art and science can work together to bring more individuals and families together! Together they can open people’s eyes, minds, and souls to something new and incredible!

This project was created for artists, scientists, dino-lovers, art-lovers, kids and adults, for everyone!

The CFDC together with the help of our generous sponsors, partners, and hardworking volunteers started making Skull Replicas of the Mosasaur, that was swimming around 80 million years ago. These Replicas were sent and will be sent to a few more artists around our province Manitoba and the rest of Canada! All results of the creativity of artists from all over Manitoba and Canada we will put on the MosasART Exhibit and will unveil on:

* May 12, 2019, at 2:00 pmManitoba unveiling – artworks of local and other Manitoban artists will be unveiled on Manitoba Day.
* July 27, 2019, at 2:00 pm – National unveiling – artworks of artists from more provinces of our beautiful Canada.




  • I’m AN ARTIST and I WANT TO PARTICIPATE? – If you are an artist and you are open for unusual and unforgettable projects – simply email us at and we will send you all details about participation!
  • I WOULD LIKE TO SUPPORT MosasART! HOW I CAN DO IT? – Sponsors are welcome to support our projects that make the difference in science and art! Email us at or call – (204)822-3406 to help the project!
  • I WANT TO COME AND SEE MosasART ARTWORKS! WHERE AND WHEN TO GO? – Artworks will be on display starting from May 12th and will be at our Museum for next 6 months! May 1st to September 1st the CFDC is open every day from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.