2020 Summer Crew Interview: Veronica Cabrera

Jun 29

2020 Summer Crew Interview: Veronica Cabrera

Position at the CFDC: Young Programs Coordinator

Veronica has been part of the CFDC team previously as a volunteer but now she is working her first summer as a Young Programs Coordinator! She came to Morden from the Philippines with her mom last year in August 2020.

Are you in school?

No not yet. I want to go to either Red River College for early childhood education or University of Manitoba for child psychology! I want to learn creative writing and photography so if there are any online free courses I would love to take them!

What do you like to do for fun when you aren’t at the museum?

Eating food, watching movies, and talking to my friends that lives far away from me.

When you were younger did you ever want to work in a museum?

Nope. I learned to love them when I was in high school. If I had spare time in high school I would take a train to Manilla with friends and go visit museums! I thought I would work in a restaurant; I watched a lot of Food Network as a kid and both my parents work with food.

If a magical mosasaur gave you 3 wishes…what would you wish for?

Travelling! I would use my three wishes to go to Japan, Korea, and to Patawan in the Philippines.

How would your friends describe you?

I think they would describe me as a giver of advice, friendly, and a bit anxious. To be honest I am more the baby of the group because I have a child like heart!

If you had to choose 3 adjectives to describe yourself, which would you choose?

Chill, creative, and compassionate.

What is one thing you could not go a day without?

My eyeglasses!

What was your favourite subject in school?

Back home in the Philippines one of the classes I loved the most was Oral Communications! I love Oral Communications because it’s one thing that helped to boost my self-confidence, and I dream to be a theatre actress someday so it kinda makes me like I feel like I can achieve that goal for just one presentation. My other favourite class had been personality development.

If it were possible, would you own a pet dinosaur or another fossilized creature? If so which one and why?

Wooly Mammoth! Not only because they have been found in Manitoba but because I think they are adorably fluffy and are in the Ice Age movies!

What’s your favourite season?

Summer but I’ve learned to love winter and especially the snow.

Are you the most organized in the office?

Nope. I think Adolfo is the most organized in the office!

If someone was to look for you in the museum where would they find you?

Here at my desk in front of computer or in the theatre because I love watching movies and when I visited the museum, I wasn’t able to finish the documentary so now if I have the time, I would probably sneak in and watch.