Escape from Cretaceous Park!

You are special guests visiting the brand new Cretaceous Park. Then all of a sudden, armed poachers attack you and lock you in the park’s paleontologist’s office. You must escape before they make off with priceless ancient marine reptile fossils.

Hidden throughout the room are clues that will give you the combination to escape so you can notify the authorities. The sooner you escape, the more likely the criminals will be brought to justice and the fossils returned.

This is the back story to a fantastic new escape room that leans heavily on the science of palaeontology. The room is 12′ by 12′ and is suitable for between 2-4 people.


The difficulty of the room would be rated Medium/Hard.

Time Limit:

1 Hour


You can buy tickets here –

Come and test your escape skills. Every escape room experience includes FREE admission to the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre. Once you purchase your tickets call us 1-204-822-3406 to schedule your Escape Room visit!

Check out our Hall of Fame for those who have escaped with no more than two clues!

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