Fossil Dig Adventure Tours

If you like adventure and hands-on experiences, then consider the following Fossil Dig Adventure Tour programs. These fossil dig adventure tours have had an immense success rate for finding fossils since 2008. This is one of Manitoba's hottest tourism products! 

Take an adventure back to Cretaceous times when dinosaurs walked the earth and great sea reptiles ruled the oceans. Become a palaeontologist as you join the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre’s excavation team in the scenic Pembina Hills. Work alongside CFDC staff as they uncover 80 million-year-old fossils. Learn about the tools and techniques used to carefully unearth these rare fossils that offer a glimpse into a forgotten age and the fantastic sea creatures that lived here.

Imagine being the first in 80 million years to lay eyes on a fossil you have just uncovered. Help map in and record your fossil finds to add to the Centre’s collection or get down and dirty while applying a plaster field jacket to protect newly exposed fossils.

We operate more than 30 active dig sites in Southern Manitoba. Join one of our dig tours and visit one of these sites for yourself in order to unearth some fantastic marine reptile fossils!

The Centre's dig sites are located on the slopes of the Manitoba Escarpment, Northwest of Morden. A scenic drive through vast fields and the rolling Pembina Hills allows for time to discuss the unique geology of the area. Witness a stunning view of the Red River Valley stretching to the horizon where one can almost visualize the Western Interior Seaway. This summer promises more discoveries. Come and discover what you can unearth!

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We offer four different types of Fossil Dig Tours:

Special rates if you stay in Morden 

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