Star of the Week

Palaeostar 2017!

May 21 - 27

Meet this grade 12 class from Winnipeg, MB. Collectively, this class has been chosen as palaeostar because of their enthusiasm for all things at the CFDC. While in the museum this group asked intelligent questions as they engaged with the material. Also, while at the dig site, their determination to find fossils allowed them to discover small bits of fish, a burrow, and small bone fragments. Even those that didn’t find anything, vigorously searched the dig site for anything remotely resembling a fossil. This group was a pleasure to work with which is why they were chosen as our first palaeostar of 2017!

May 28 - June 3

Meet Keenan. Keenan is a palaeontology enthusiast and Jurassic Park super-fan. He had the opportunity to come on a free dig tour this week that happened to land on his 10th birthday! To celebrate entering double-digits, Keenan found a piece of a fish vertebra as well as various unidentifiable bone fragments. This kid could not be stopped as he vigorously searched the area for anything a marine reptile may have left behind. His excitement for Palaeontology, as well as his discovery, is why Keenan was chosen as our palaeostar of the week!

June 4 - 10

Meet Azura! This lovely young lady was a part of a large group of students that traveled all the way out to Morden from Selkirk, MB. This was a very enthusiastic class and found several unique fossils while out in the field. Azura found a piece of a fish jaw bone to add to our collection at the museum. The matching shirts and enthusiasm definitely caught our attention and this incredible find made Azura the obvious choice for palaeostar!

June 11 - 17

Meet this awesome group from our neighbors to the south. This group drove up to Manitoba from Minnesota and North Dakota to experience a full day dig tour. They found half of a fish vertebra, a fish bone, a mosasaur tooth, as well as a few other random fragments. This group first caught our attention by their incredible hats, and second by their incredible enthusiasm for learning about palaeontology. They were a pleasure to work with and now have become our palaeostars of the week!

June 18 - 24

Meet Triton! Triton came on a dig tour with his class to learn more about palaeontology and to look for rocks and fossils out in the field. While the entire class was really enthusiastic about digging through the shale, Triton was actually successful in uncovering a fossil. This fish vertebra may be helpful for our field team in finding more fish pieces in the future! Way to go Triton!

June 25 - 30

Meet this fun-loving family that came to the CFDC all the way from Quebec! From a young age each of these people has had a passion for learning about palaeontology. They demonstrated this in their vast knowledge during the museum tour as well as their enthusiasm in digging for fossils. I mean, when you drive as far as these guys did for a dig tour, you better be passionate about it! Although nothing was found during our dig, the excitement demonstrated earned these guys palaeostar of the week!

July 2 - 8

Meet Brayden! Brayden has been a part of the museum for a long time as he often finds himself wandering the galleries and bringing in fossils that he finds on his own. This week he was finally able to come out on a dig tour to get the full experience of palaeontology. He enthusiastically searched the area for fragments on the surface as well as used his brush to unearth a fish vertebra. He was constantly asking questions and demonstrating his vast knowledge on fossils. We were all so impressed with this guy that there was no doubt that he would be palaeostar of the week!

July 9 - 15

Meet Matthew and Sabrina! This power duo came out to Morden from Southern Ontario to experience a fossil dig! Their enthusiasm really helped them in their work as they found many fossils out in the field. They found a ton of fish fossils and bits of mosasaur, including a rather rare articulated fish jaw! Although part of their tour got rained out, they were super good sports about it and got to enjoy all kinds of different aspects of the museum such as fossil prep, mold making, a short film, as well as the escape room. We had so much fun with these two and decided that it was their time to be palaeostar!

July 16 - 22

Meet Joe! This aspiring palaeontologist came up to Manitoba from Minnesota with some family and friends just for a two day dig experience. Day one was rained out, but that didn’t wreck his experience as he enthusiastically took the time to learn how to do fossil prep. Day two was completely dedicated to field work and Joe worked hard to find a fish vertebrae and see what his future career might be like. Thanks for coming out, Joe! Keep on being a palaeostar everyday!

July 23 - 29

Check out this awesome group that came out from Winnipeg for a dig tour! Their background at the Manitoba Museum gave them an advantage in learning the information in the museum and digging for fossils out in the field. Their enthusiasm for palaeontology was incredible to see! Unfortunately, nothing was collected while out in the field, but they were very beneficial in helping us search for a potential hesperornis find! Thanks so much for your excitement and hard work, palaeostars!

July 31 - August 5

Meet Tamikka! Tamikka is one of our newest volunteers at the CFDC. This summer she has been a huge help to our youth program coordinators with our dino day camps. Her energetic nature and enthusiasm for the museum is contagious! She’s always ready to do what needs to be done all while having a fun time. She may have only started this summer, but she has already made a huge impact on the museum and the people that work here. Thanks for all your hard work Tamikka!

August 13 - 19

Meet Hawkin! This energetic guy was so much fun to have on a dig tour this week. He had a chance to explore many different areas in one of our largest field sites. He got to collect surface finds, dig through the shale, and even experience the process of creating a field jacket! This was an awesome day for him as he got to see if becoming a palaeontologist is something he wants to do later in life. Thanks for coming!