School Museum Tours

If you like adventure and interactive learning, then consider a guided
School Museum Tour.

Guided museum tours are for all grades including preschoolers. The tours are educational and emphasize specific aspects of the curriculum for the given age group.

We can adapt Tours and activities specifically to various subjects (biology, chemistry, math, geography and even arts!) For more details – call or email us!

Click here for information on the School Dig Tour Program.

  • Wonder Women Tour (75 minutes):
    A VIP Guided Tour of the museum followed by a tour of the Nellie McClung Heritage Site with emphasis on the contributions of women to palaeontology and the life of famous Manitoba women’s rights advocate and educator Nellie McClung.
  • Adult: $25
  • Student/Youth: $15
  • Family: (2 Adults/3 children): $75

Tours are offered year round between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm. Other youth organizations are permitted to participate.


Preschool – Grade 12

  • Preschool / Kindergarten / Grade 1:  $5.00 per student;
    Optional: add 30 minutes for activities and crafts – $2 / student
  • Grade 2 – 3: $7.00 per student
  • Grade 4 – 8: $7.00 per student
  • Grade 9 – 12: $7.00 per student
  • Adult Supervisors: Free (up to four free on 8 to 1 ratio, fee applies to additional adults)
  • All day Tour – 10:00 am – 2:00 pm
    • All levels: $10.00 per student



Note: Each tour is catered to the individual group and may be changed to accommodate group requirements.

Preschool / Kindergarten / Grade 1

Duration: 30 minutes

The following may be included in the museum tour:

  • Museum tour
  • Interactive Story Time – Go on a dinosaur adventure with dinosaurs while acting out the character and having fun
  • Optional – you can add 30 minutes for activities, crafts and games for your school group. All activities are dino/fossil related, educational and funny.

Grades 2 – 3

Duration: 90 minutes

The following may be included in the museum tour:

  • Museum tour
  • Dinosaur Hunt – Go on a scavenger hunt for prehistoric dinosaurs and other extinct creatures in the museum

Grades 4 – 12

Duration: 90 minutes

The following may be included in the museum tour:

  • Museum tour
  • Extinction Game – Learn about the exciting cycles of extinction with this fun and entertaining game where you must survive or face extinction

Grades 7 – 12

Duration: 90 minutes

  • Museum tour
  • Rock Identification Lab Activity – Hands-on activity in which students learn how to identify the three basic rock types

Grade 9 – 12

Duration: 90 minutes

  • Museum tour
  • Survival of the Sneakiest – Students engage in hands-on learning techniques centred around the evolutionary processes of survival and reproduction