Morden, Manitoba
From Zaporizhia, Ukraine
MosasART creator and coordinator

Hello, my dear science and art lovers! I’m Yevgeniya, Program Coordinator and the most huggable person at the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre. I’m originally from Ukraine, where I was a marketing and media person, instructor and where my love for archaeology started! I was involved in the life of the best Archeological camp for youth, New Archeological School (Zaporizhia) and I spent my 13 summer seasons leading this camp and enjoying every single day of this life experience! In 2016 I moved to Canada and became the happiest person, who can create and inspire others! Talking about me as an artist, I should say that I got it from my dad who was an artist during a lot of years. I see the world in a little bit different way! I see the world around me as a bright and happy place, where people can create and achieve everything they want, dream, aim about! Life for me is an opportunity to paint the world in brighter colours!
And MosasART Project for me is not just a Project I created from scratch and spent almost one year bringing it to life! MosasART Project for me is an opportunity to make a difference! To bring different people together! To let imagination create and let the brain to find a deep meaning of things around us! And being an artist and author of this project I couldn’t stay away and not decorate one Replica by myself! I strongly believe that everything is possible, even impossible! That’s why my MosasART artwork was created in the way that mosasaurs could never be created! Because impossible is possible!
“Spread your wings! Create!” That was my inspirational speech for all Artists of MosasART Project! So can be for you!:)