Art Meets Mosasaur on Manitoba Day

The Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre presents a new and incredible project – MosasART, that was created to bring Palaeontology and Art together to show that the science can be amazing, bright, interesting, and unusual and art can be inspired by science!
This project was created for artists, scientists, dino-lovers, art-lovers, kids and adults, for everyone!

The CFDC together with the help of our generous sponsors, partners, and hardworking volunteers made skull replicas of a Mosasaur, that was swimming around Manitoba 80 million years ago. These Replicas were sent to artists around Manitoba and the rest of Canada for painting! All results of the creativity of artists from all over Manitoba and Canada we will put on the MosasART Exhibit and the artists will be available when the new exhibit is unveiled on May 12, 2019, at 2:00 pm at the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre in Morden, Manitoba.

We will also celebrate Manitoba Day with cake and refreshments! Join us for the unveiling, chatting with artists and a tasty cake. 🙂


FOR MORE INFO: Contact Yevgeniya Tatarenko at 204-822-3406 or via email at

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