Bruce Swims Across Canada – From Alberta to Morden


MEDIA ALERT: Morden, MB.// The last swim of Bruce Mosasaur began at 5:20 am this morning as the 15 metre (50 foot) long sculpture of the world famous mosasaur makes its way to its final home in Morden Manitoba.


Estimated arrival through the east entrance of Morden is expected to be between 7-8 pm although there may be time adjustments throughout the day.

Track Bruce’s progress throughout the day by following our Facebook page at If Bruce is spotted and pictures taken/posted please use hashtag #Discoverfossils.

For more info contact Peter Cantelon at 204-822-3406, or after-hours via cell 204-823-0598.

CFDC Expecting Delivery of Significant New Feature

Bruce Swims Across Canada

A 15 metre long sculpture of the famous Guinness Record holding Mosasaur Bruce is making its way from Drumheller, Alberta to Morden, Manitoba where it will be delivered into the hands of the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre which commissioned its creation.

The life-size, in-the-flesh replica will be one-of-a-kind and become a major tourist attraction for the Manitoba city as well as a significant outside-the-walls exhibit for the museum. Once delivered the sculpture will go into hiding until its public unveiling near the end of July.

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