CANADIAN FOSSIL DISCOVERY CENTRE Develops First Permanent Dinosaur Exhibit

CANADIAN FOSSIL DISCOVERY CENTRE Develops First Permanent Dinosaur Exhibit

Display will teach Similarities and Differences between Dinosaurs and Marine Reptiles

Posted February 7th, 2017

Morden, MB: On February 17th at 2 p.m. the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre will unveil a significant new dinosaur exhibit – the first of its kind for the museum.

The new display will feature a number of dinosaurs including an amazing centrepiece – a complete and spectacular theropod dinosaur skeleton almost seven metres (22 feet) in length. The exact species of this toothed terror is being kept secret until the unveiling.

The display, which has been in the planning and development stages for almost a year, will take up the entire south end of Mosasaur Hall and include a phenomenal new 9 by 3 metre (30×10 foot) backdrop that depicts a Jurassic era dinosaur environment.

“The addition of this new dinosaur feature will dramatically enhance the CFDC’s collection and the visitor experience,” said executive director Peter Cantelon. “Over the years we have had many people confused about the differences between dinosaurs and marine reptiles and now visitors will have the chance to see them both together in the same room, bigger than life.”

The exhibit was made possible thanks to the generous donations of Mr. Adolfo Cuetara (who also constructed the centrepiece dinosaur) and Mr. Joseph Brown, both of whom will be on hand for the unveiling, as well as a grant from the Manitoba Signature Museum program.

The CFDC houses Canada’s largest collection of marine reptile fossils, including the largest Mosasaur on display in the world.  The Guinness Record holding fossil named ‘Bruce”, is more than 13 metres (43 feet) long.  The CFDC houses many other unique exhibits such as an 80-million-year-old fish-like Xiphactinus, Archelon fossil (giant sea turtle) and the world’s only publicly-displayed vial of woolly mammoth blood. More information can be found at

MEDIA CONTACT: Peter Cantelon, executive director of the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre. Tel. 204-822-3406; email –

PHOTO: A scary close-up on the teeth of the secret dinosaur to be unveiled at the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre Feb. 17 at 2 p.m. (PHOTO CREDIT: CFDC)


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