Kirstin Brink, New Adjunct Vertebrate Curator at CFDC

We are pleased to announce the new signed agreement between Kirstin Brink and the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre.

Kirstin is currently Assistant Professor of Palaeontology in the Department of Geological Sciences at the University of Manitoba.

She is a vertebrate palaeontologist interested in the evolution and development of teeth and bones, specifically tissue structure and growth rates, and the relationship between structure, growth, and animal ecology. Her research involves the use of living animal models to understand how extinct animals grew and interacted with their environment. She has worked with living reptiles (e.g. leopard geckos and green anoles), and fossils of non-mammalian synapsids (e.g., Dimetrodon), dinosaurs (e.g. Tyrannosaurus rex and Hypacrosaurus stebingeri), plants (Cunninghamia hornbyensis), and trackways (Ichniotherium). She uses histology, microscopy, Computed Tomography (CT scans), Scanning Electron Microscopy, and Transmission Electron Microscopy to address her research.

Kirstin Brink becomes the first academic Vertebrate Palaeontologist at the CFDC since Elisabeth “Betsy” Nicholls more than 30 years ago.

As Adjunct Curator of Vertebrates, she will advise the CFDC on curatorial and research-oriented initiatives pertaining to the collection and field sites.

With this agreement, the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre is pursuing to highlight the scientific and educational importance of its fossil resources and collections.

The CFDC, in keeping with its mission, wishes to maintain and conduct research on the collection as it recognizes the benefits that will accrue to it, to the public, and to scientific interests.

Kirstin Brink will connect the palaeontological resources at the CFDC with the students, researchers, and educational resources at the University of Manitoba.

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