Rare new Mosasaur Coming!

The Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre are proud to announce that Bruce and Suzy are adopting! That’s right a third complete mosasaur skeleton is being added to the museum’s permanent collection and the public is invited to see it unveiled on July 25 at 1 pm.

This incredible new mosasaur skeleton is of a rare species known as Kourisodon puntledgensis or razor-toothed mosasaur of the Puntledge River. A unique species whose fossils have only been found in Canada nad Japan this new addition further establishes the CFDC as one of the world’s foremost collections of mosasaur.

“This addition has been a long time in the planning stages and we are very excited to see it finally come to fruition,” said CFDC executive director Peter Cantelon. “People will notice right away this is a very different mosasaur from Bruce and Suzy – particularly its ferocious, razor-like teeth.”

As part of the unveiling the CFDC will be offering free refreshments and cake.

For more info about the event or to schedule an interview contact info@discoverfossils.com or call 204-822-3406. For more information about the CFDC visit www.discoverfossils.com.

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