Two great museums join forces to profile outstanding women

Morden/Manitou, MB.// Manitoba is more than a hot-bed for fossil discovery, it’s also where women’s rights got their toe-hold, thanks to the trail blazing efforts of important women being profiled through a new joint guided tour being launched this summer at two neighbouring museums – the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre and the Nellie McClung Heritage Site.

The Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre in Morden, Manitoba is proudly celebrating Mary Anning and the Wonder Women of palaeontology. The CFDC, in partnership with Nellie’s Homes of Manitou, is offering a special tour emphasizing the contributions of Anning, the first recognized woman palaeontologist as well as other female trailblazers and their contributions.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Nellie’s Homes in this unique educational tourism opportunity,” said CFDC executive director Peter Cantelon. “As a teacher, Nellie McClung understood the importance of education and in this, links to our famous women of palaeontology like Mary Anning who was forging new paths for women in science just 40 years prior to McClung’s birth. There is nothing else like this partnership anywhere.”

As the second stop on the two-museum tour, Manitou will welcome visitors to the Nellie McClung Heritage Site in Manitou, Manitoba that features the only two of Nellie’s homes that are open to the public in Canada.

The hour-long tour will help visitors walk in Nellie’s footsteps through McClung House where she wrote her Canadian best seller and raised four of her five children.  Hazel Cottage will take visitors back to Nellie’s earliest days as a teenage school teacher in the area she called home for nearly twenty years.

“So much of what Nellie McClung achieved took flight in and around Manitou,” said Museum co-chair, Bette Mueller.  “It was here that she became a best selling author and speaker of national renown as well as a champion of women’s rights that soon led to Manitoba women being the first in Canada to win the right to vote.”

The two museums are just over twenty minutes apart along highway #3 in Morden and Manitou.

The cost for the tour of both museums: School and Youth Tours – $ 15 / person ($12 for the CFDC and $3 for the McClung site); Adult and Family Tours – $25 / person ($20 for the CFDC and $5 for the McClung site).

For more information, contact the CFDC at 204-822-3406, visit their website at www.discoverfossils.com or contact the Nellie McClung Heritage Site at 204-242- 2765 or visit www.nellieshomes.ca.

PHOTO 1 – Nellie McClung Heritage Site
PHOTO 2 – The Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre

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